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Gmail – Google mail is currently one of the email services (along with ) most chosen by Internet users. Do not move from this post that today you will learn the steps to follow to create an account and log in to

As we mentioned in the previous paragraph, in this article you will learn all about gmail email. You will know from how to register, to how to log in, also through important security tips for your account. We hope you find it helpful.

How to create a Gmail account

The email service is becoming one of the most used communication tools worldwide, although there are many servers that allow you to have an email account, one of the best options to access one is the Gmail account , This Google mail service is one of the most complete and easiest to use so that the user has no problem using it.


Register in Gmail step by step

To  create a Gmail email account  you just have to follow these simple steps:

  • Enter the  Gmail homepage  through the official Google browser.
  • Being there you must locate a small box that says  “Create an account”  and click on it.
  • Then you must  fill out the entire form  where you have to create your username and your personal password to enter your email.
  • Once you complete the sections of the form, verify that the information is correct, click on  “I accept the Google Terms of Service and Privacy Policy”  and then click on  “Next step” .
  • When the following window opens, you will have to put your additional information for the profile and also if you want a photo for your account.

With these simple steps you have finished creating your Gmail account and you only have to log in to enjoy its services.


Gmail: Login in 3 Steps

After you have created an account on you should know that the next step is to log in. Gmail, fortunately, has quite clear options to make this point very simple and have no problem when you want to enter your account. If you are new to handling mail and you are not sure how to log in, simply follow these simple steps:

  1. Enter the main Gmail page .
  2. There, locate the box that asks you to enter your new email address and password.
  3. Fill in these two spaces with the corresponding data and then click on “Login”. In seconds your account opens and you can start using it.

When you open your new email account you will see all the options you have for you to use in different activities. You have the option to customize to your liking to make its handling more comfortable and fun, in addition to this you can also start sharing with everyone you want in a different, instant and with many advantages.

Once you have finished using your email, it is always recommended to click on “Close session” so that no one else can manipulate your account.


How to send an email from your email account

One of the most frequent steps that are taken when creating a Gmail is the possibility of sending messages to other contacts regardless of their interest. Once you activate your account you can start using this option to send everything you need without taking a long time. If you are new and still do not know how to send a message from Gmail just follow these steps:

  • Enter your Gmail account as usual.
  • Once you enter your platform, place the “Compose” option on the left side.
  • Clicking there opens a window where you will see several boxes to form the message.
  • In the “To” section you must enter “The” or “The recipient to whom you wish to send the message.
  • In the “Subject” box you can give the message a title so that your contact knows what it is.
  • In the larger space you must write your message as you like.
  • To finish you just have to click on “Send” and voila.


Gmail for mobile devices

The Gmail email service  is also available in a  version for mobile devices  with  Android and Apple systems , thanks to this having mail always at hand is possible, Gmail updates this version always with improvements to offer a better service to its users In addition to its entire interface it is as easy to operate as if it were connected from the computer. In this way Gmail looks for you to be  connected wherever you go  , regardless of the time, with this you will  receive notifications constantly  so that you keep abreast of the messages or news that you receive in your mail just at the time they arrive there.


Google constantly redesigns Gmail for mobile phones , always looking to place more tools so that the email is as complete as from the computer, this is a great advantage especially for those who have to receive correspondence constantly, the best thing is that the application is completely free  in Google Play or the App Store  so that all Gmail users can download it and enjoy it through their mobile, when installing it they will realize that it is as simple and useful as doing it from the traditional computer. Security Tips

Gmail is one of the email services with more security measures  to provide confidence to its users, however it also depends a lot on the user that the security of their account is maintained. If you still don’t know how to guarantee security in your email then follow these tips:

  • Create a strong password , combine letters and numbers by doing something that only you can imagine.
  • Always create  a different password  than other accounts.
  • Avoid opening the messages that reach the  spam filter folder,  clean this folder without opening the messages.
  • Install a good antivirus  on your computer, with this you can detect spy viruses that can affect your privacy and the security of your computer.
  • Activate the verification of two codes , Gmail offers you this service to place the password plus the code sent to your mobile phone.
  • Try not to open your mail in public places.
  • Whenever you finish using the account, do not forget  to log out.
  • Change the password constantly.
  • Denounce or ¨Brand¨ any type of suspicious url in your email.
  • Update your security question and / or alternative mail.
  • Report theft or impersonation.
  • Never reveal your password to anyone.


Advanced searches in Gmail

Gmail wants the user to manage their mail in a very easy and fast way to handle, among all the options offered we find a tool that can be very useful when looking for an email that has been sent to us previously. We know that many times our tray can be saturated a bit either because we receive a lot of correspondence daily or because we let many dates go by without cleaning, in case an old message is needed, the advanced Gmail search  will be a great tool that you can use.


The Gmail search engine gives you the possibility to enter specific data such as the contact, the subject and the date on which the message was received, with this the task of finding it will be done in a matter of seconds. To use this function, just enter the tray and locate the    magnifying glass search button , if this is not enough,  click on the arrow on the  left side of the search panel that is before the magnifying glass button . There you put the key data of the message and immediately appear the options among which is possibly the one you are looking for.


Video calls in Gmail

One of the many tools provided by the Gmail mail messaging service is  the possibility of making video calls and videoconferences  with up to 9 people through  Google+ Hangouts. This application brings together chat tools, video calls and voice functions in one. Although Google is currently working on a new version, regular users of Gmail email can enjoy it from their platform to, thus, get closer to their work, loved ones and / or any activity that requires it.

This form of communication is very simple to use and allows you to combine voice, chat and video functions so that the user lives a different experience. Several people have used it through Google +, but now it will be simpler to do it from Gmail. However, keep in mind that Gmail respects the settings of the Google Admin Console  to disable video calls. For example, if you have disabled the Hangouts feature, users will not be able to access this service. As a recommendation, the user can consult about  Hangouts on Google  +  to make its operation easier, you should also verify that your camera and microphone are in good condition to perform this task comfortably.


How to send an email message in Gmail

Having an email address, one of the functions that we are going to perform most is to send messages to our contacts , this task is very simple and can be done when desired. If this is the first time you are going to send  a message in Gmail  and you don’t know how to do this task, then follow these simple steps that will be of great help:

  • Sign in to your  Gmail email account .
  • Being inside it, place the “Compose” button on the left side  .
  • In the field that says  “To”  you must enter the email address of the recipient. In this case if you already have the address between your contacts it will be much easier to write it down as it will appear as a suggestion.
  • In the field that says  “Subject”  you must put the message title.
  • In the big box you will be able to  write your message  in the format you prefer, here you will be able to explore other tools where you can customize the message as you prefer, in addition you can attach different types of files if you need it.
  • When you finish writing your message you will click on the  “Send” key  and voila, your message will be sent immediately. – How to attach files when composing an email

Among the advantages offered by Gmail we find the possibility of attaching files  to share with other contacts when writing a new message, in this same way we can also receive that kind of files in our  Gmail mail tray. Attaching files is a very simple task and you can do several options, follow these easy steps when composing your message in Gmail :

  • You must first log in to your Gmail email account .
  • Upon entering click on the “Compose” option  .
  • In the compose window you must click on  the button in the form of a clip .
  • Locate the file (s) you wish to attach (if there are several you must hold the Ctrl key  ).
  • Another option to share files is to locate  the + key , with it you will be able to add files from Google Drive or photos, links, emoticons and Google Calendar events.

Keep in mind that the maximum capacity provided by Google Mail to attach files is 25 megabytes  (MB). If you want to send more than this limit then it must be done through  Google Drive  where you will not only have more capacity but also easier to send large files.


Advantages of having a Gmail email account

Having an  email account Gmail  offers the user different advantages to make the most of their service, with this the user can do different activities from a single platform and can also communicate in a comfortable, secure and very easy way to drive.  The main advantages of owning an account on are:

  • It has a  storage capacity of up to 15GB  where the user can save Gmail, Google Drive and Google+ Photos files online in an almost unlimited amount.
  • It allows the user to  connect with other Google services such  as YouTube, Blogger, Google Docs, Google Drive, Google+, among others.
  • It gives you the possibility to access Hangouts services, from where the user can make and share photos, emojis and even free group video calls.
  • It is  available for use on mobile devices such as Android and Apple .
  • It allows you to  send and receive attachments where you can include photos, videos and documents in different formats, the best of all is that the user can use them without having the trouble to leave your Gmail email account.
  • Its interface is easy to use  and allows the user to customize his tray so that he can use it more comfortably.
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